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RAID HEALTHCARE: Actionable Analytics for Healthcare Efficiency

Discover the Difference

A different breed of software

RAID HEALTHCARE-specific modules are powered with exception-based analytics tools – not just another rigid transaction and process-oriented system that simply generates billing outputs nor a regular data visualization tool that just reports on everything.

Adds an extra layer of protection

RAID overlays existing transactional and operational systems, functioning as a permanent, protective 24/7 auditing and reporting “umbrella.”

Capture, collect reconcile and analyze data out of any current transactional system

RAID triggers “alarms” that empower healthcare organizations to drill down into the root causes, take corrective action – and follow up on exceptions and problems detected

Extends the value of current Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions

RAID requires lower upfront costs – while improving overall performance across an already established existing system offered by traditional RCM vendors.

End-to-End Platform

Gathers information and data across the entire healthcare enterprise;
Monitors and identifies problems;
Sets off alarm notifications of inefficiencies, revenue leakage or trouble spots;
Provides integrated workflows for leaders to devise and implement corrective interventions;
Monitors the “fix” to ensure that issues are corrected.

Results Deliver ROI & Impact Efficiency

Gain a powerful level of insight into the Revenue Cycle Management process to reduce significant revenue leakage that leads to higher operational costs, enhance productivity and guide business strategy.

Get demonstrated ROI in less than six months on basic sampling, with no disruption to current procedures or personnel.


Measure business performance and financial results, monitor billing rules and contract complexity to ensure accuracy, detect coding errors, reduce denials, and decrease A/R days and underpayments on incorrect claims.


Find opportunities to improve revenue capture, minimize audit risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and measure and monitor the impact of ICD-10 coding on revenue.


Data liquidity and transparency empower leaders to successfully tackle clinical, financial and operational inefficiencies through an integrated Case Management tool that will help follow-up with issues detected and the fixing process.