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Performance Analytics

Much more than a simple BI tool.
Uncover insights and reveal hidden value.
Hospital Performance
Hospital Performance
Evolutive Analysis - Hospitalizations
Hospitalizations - Clinical Records Analysis
Payments Analysis
Margin Analysis
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Patient Satisfaction
Lack of estimates for care and inadequate patient follow-up negatively impact patient satisfaction.
Clinical Operations
Metrics such as patient wait times, bed turnover and staff-to-patient ratios need to be monitored and accessible to key staff to maintain quality of care.
Emergency Care
Emergency room metrics such as wait times and number of patients who leave without being seen put patient health at risk.
Business Management
Training initiatives, compliance protocols, outsourcing relationships, care partners – data is stored in separate systems and awkward or impossible to measure, let alone compare.
Workforce Productivity
Quantifying workforce productivity, such as number of patients per day by employee, can be challenging across systems and facilities. And, you need to look beyond standard efficiency measurements to uncover risk, such as the number of mistake events.
Financial Performance
You need analytics beyond standard business intelligence. You are looking for insights such as costs by payer, procedure profitability and how staffing levels impact charges.
Your operations sit inside a multitude of different facilities and platforms, creating challenges when tracking productivity and performance. Establishing realistic goals, creating predictions and KPI performance comparisons are time-consuming and laborious exercises because data from every system needs to be extracted and then aggregated.

Our umbrella solution reaches across your enterprise to deliver a comprehensive analysis of performance which increases patient satisfaction and leads to better health outcomes.

Your Challenges

Your Challenge

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Only 30% of US hospitals use a clinical data warehouse and only 33% of healthcare organizations use business intelligence tools.*

"Big data is a major differentiator for high performing organizations as it increases revenue (8%) and can reduce operational costs."**

*Source: HIMSS Analytics

Ying Liu, “Big Data and Predictive Business Analytics.” (The Journal of Business Forecasting, 2014).

Our Solution Main Features

Real-time Data
Automate the data discovery process to identify critical changes and issue instant notifications whenever customized thresholds are reached. Make the right decisions in real-time with the information you need at your fingertips. Create another layer of performance monitoring to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes.
Actionable Analytics
Improve your business performance with the ability to drill down into every chart and table. Easily navigate from overview to detailed reporting to identify patterns, performance issues, strategic needs and workforce challenges. Create lasting solutions and tackle new challenges as they arise by continuously tailoring rules and exceptions.
Insightful Dashboards
Our platform's easy-to-use visual dashboards provide at-a-glance views of your organization's key performance indicators, metrics and data points. Easily monitor performance and proactively provide your leadership with the data they need to engage their teams to optimize clinical and financial operations.
Main Features
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