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INFOGRAPHIC | 5 Ways Digital Transformation is Increasing Risk Exposure

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Patients and providers are adopting digital technology at fast-pace. And while this is new reality is generating new behaviors and approaches to healthcare, it is also creating new risks and types revenue losses.

With the rise of technologies like Telehealth, AI, ML and RPA, among others, the way of diagnosing, providing remote or in presence care, designing the patient experience and managing the all revenue cycle is changing rapidly.

And with that comes increased burden on the IT departments as well as a new dimension to the traditional view of risk, fraud and revenue leakage.

Start facing today’s challenges with an extra layer of protection with Effy Healthcare’s Business Assurance and Efficiency Technology. A real-time continuous auditing solution that proactively improves efficiency and revenue cycle performance by reducing errors, meeting compliance requirements and increasing overall collections.


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