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EFFY Showcases How Actionable "Real Time" Analytics Help Hospitals Run More Efficiently

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

EFFY is pleased to release its first animated video designed to engage and inform hospital, hospital system and Integrated Delivery Network leaders about actionable “real time,” or near real time, data analytics platforms and more specifically EFFY´s RAID Healthcare tool.

Healthcare enterprises spend millions of dollars implementing operational information systems. To help the organization run more efficiently, they design complex business processes, develop and document policies, and put in controls.

The problem: Organizational leaders often gain little visibility into whether those processes, policies and systems are performing. They trust that everything is working because they cannot cost-effectively monitor and assess these systems.

What if there was a way to ensure everything was functioning as planned?

EFFY in Black and White

Our animation clearly and succinctly explains how to gain this level of visibility into the things that matter. EFFY is powered by RAID Healthcare, which enables managers to look across the entire organization, be alerted to performance gaps and identify losses and revenue leaks.

We give you a first-time view of where inefficiencies actually exist, help you spot negative trends and fix the problems. EFFY and RAID Healthcare provide a much-needed solution for healthcare organizations of every size and scope.

We function as a permanent, protective auditing and exception-reporting umbrella, making data comparable and actionable. We help you map the issues and make it possible to respond to alerts, no matter the size, data incompatibility or platform complexity.

EFFY in Action

Simply overlay RAID Healthcare actionable analytics on your existing system to quickly gain control. Every department, service line and area of operation will benefit from the ability to detect data and resolve issues that impact revenue integrity, all in a continuous auditing mode.

Bottom line: EFFY and RAID Healthcare improve financial, clinical and operational performance. It’s a smart and continuous automated auditing solution that works cost-effectively and around the clock.

Put efficiency back into your healthcare operations.


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