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Guidehouse and Effy Healthcare Collaborate to Deliver AI-Powered Revenue Cycle Services

Effy Healthcare, a leading healthcare revenue efficiency software solutions provider, announced a collaboration with Guidehouse to automate and augment the revenue cycle management process using artificial intelligence (AI).

Union, N.J. – October 29, 2020 As part of the agreement, Guidehouse will leverage Effy Healthcare’s RAID® Healthcare Business Assurance solution, an actionable analytics platform enabling organizations to proactively fill operational gaps that cause denials and other revenue issues. In doing so, Guidehouse will leverage its best practice methodologies in combination with an AI-powered revenue cycle managed services delivery model that is prescriptive, automated and outcome-oriented. This synchrony of systems and processes enables healthcare teams to align and overcome organizational hurdles to deliver value for all parties involved.

According to Effy’s CEO José Xavier, “Hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations that work with Guidehouse to improve revenue cycle performance can now avoid manual, unsuccessful attempts at denial management and mitigation with intelligence that has historically been anecdotally delivered in the market. We are pleased to have this opportunity to collaborate with Guidehouse to help organizations correct inefficiencies before they occur, enabling leaders to take preemptive actions and protect their revenue stream.”

Effy will work with Guidehouse to integrate the RAID technology into the denial prevention framework of current and future clients. RAID software contains customizable, exception-based triggers to warn of missing claim information or circumstances that will result in a claim denial, therefore reducing claim errors, decreasing denials, and mitigating revenue challenges. Additionally, this smart technology helps clients improve efficiency and productivity, meet compliance requirements, and improve financial viability.

RAID is a business assurance software tool leveraged by a variety of industries, deployed across the world and recognized for its successful track record with complex, sensitive data and state-of-the-art security.

Recognized for multiple Best in KLAS awards, Guidehouse offers global, end-to-end, outsourced revenue cycle management solutions with around-the-clock support. Its customized approach integrates revenue cycle expertise and best-practice processes with proprietary technology to streamline operations and help organizations achieve the full potential of the entire revenue cycle.

About EFFY Healthcare

Effy is a software and solutions house, with footprint in multiple markets, focused on improving efficiency in the healthcare industry through technology and driven to produce measurable results through RAID® Healthcare platform, a powerful actionable analytics software solution that addresses effectively all business assurance requirements: revenue, clinical, quality and operational to improve performance throughout healthcare organizations. The company started operating in the US - where revenue cycle management and operational and quality assurance are usually monitored and audited - having rapidly expanded internationally given the demand for a strong and reliable healthcare business assurance and optimizing software solution. To learn more about Effy Healthcare, please visit


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