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PRESS RELEASE | Revenue Integrity PRN© is a new partner of EFFY Healthcare

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

EFFY Healthcare, a technology company focused on healthcare efficiency, has just announced a partnership agreement with Revenue Integrity PRN@ a company whose mission is to empower Hospitals’ Clinical teams to be successful in optimizing its revenue, being "The Bridge between Hospitals’ Mission and Margin."

EFFY Healthcare provides an efficiency solution for Revenue Cycle, powered by RAID® Healthcare, a powerful actionable analytics software platform that addresses effectively all business assurance requirements: revenue, clinical, quality and operational, to improve performance throughout healthcare organizations.

RAID® Healthcare is a leading tool in its class, assuring the highest rankings on quality, safety and efficiency, through digitalization, automation and continuous auditing of data. RAID is actually the worldwide leading tool in revenue assurance in other industry sectors and EFFY is just bringing it to the healthcare sector.

With multi-sources data collection, monitoring, auditing, notification and actionable analytics functionalities, RAID® proved to have a Return on Investment within less than 12 months of implementation. EFFY’s software platform requires reduced upfront investment and makes it possible to devise fast interventions to correct inefficiencies and revenue leakages that impact operation performance and profitability.

Rebecca Crystser, creator and founder of Revenue Integrity PRN, states that “this partnership makes very happy as a former happy customer and user of the tool, where I´ve experienced fantastic results and made me think that expertise and software tools are the best combination to bring effeiciencty in Revenue Cycle into a more agressive level of efficiency”.

“We are very happy to have Revenue Integrity PRN as our partner as it proves the opportunity to match expertise services on Revenue Integrity with exceptional software tools that automate the auditing and reporting and make it continuous and thus more efficient and effective process”, says Jose Xavier, EFFY’s CEO.

Dedicated to healthcare efficiency, EFFY and its unique RAID® software engine, empowers healthcare providers, governmental organizations and insurance companies to retrieve, review, compare and use data, no matter its size, source or platform complexity. 

“Our customizable, exception-based, triggers identify deviations from norms, helping users reduce errors, denials and other leakages, improving efficiency and productivity, meeting compliance requirements,” states Jose Xavier, and adds: “EFFY makes transactional systems smarter and cleaner, while generating significant ROI.”

About EFFY

EFFY is a company focused on improving efficiency in the healthcare industry through technology, present in multiple markets and driven to produce measurable results with RAID® Healthcare software platform. The company started operating in the US, where revenue cycle management and operational and quality assurance are usually monitored and audited, having rapidly expanded internationally given the demand for a strong and reliable assurance and auditing software solution.

EFFY overlays existing transactional and operational systems, functioning as a permanent, protective 24/7 auditing and reporting “umbrella” that makes data comparable, enabling leaders to take actions and to follow up on those actions.  

To learn more about EFFY, please visit

About Revenue Integrity PRN:

Revenue Integrity PRN assists in optimizing Hospitals’ revenue, by helping them when in claim processing to produce clean claims with accurate and compliant charges. This company collaborates closely with Hospitals' revenue cycle, finance and clinical departments to perfect charge capture workflows that seamlessly integrate with the clinician’s care of its patients and increase Hospitals' revenue. Revenue Integrity PRN provides more than charge capture and charge compliance, being the liaison between Hospitals’ clinical teams and its revenue cycle. 

For Further information about Revenue Integrity PRN, please contact Becky Crytser: @804-307-8333 / .


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