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Santa Claus Partners with Effy to Deliver a Better Christmas Experience

Effy's all-in-one efficiency platform is helping Santa avoid errors and ensure gift satisfaction this Christmas

The North Pole, December 17, 2020/ -- Santa Claus is pleased to announce the launch of Effy’s all-in-one efficiency platform to empower his global operations with analytics, automation, and quality control – allowing the Elves to act on every possible opportunity to avoid waste, lower costs, and increase the Christmas Spirit bottom line.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress to Santa and his team this year. Lockdowns worldwide have affected parents' and relatives' ability to help him fulfill the dreams of more than 2 billion children on Earth.

“After such a tough year, the Christmas Spirit is more important than ever,” said Santa. “Effy provides a solution that streamlines operations and helps us identify and correct errors in our processes – increasing productivity and avoiding future gift disappointment.”

With Effy Xmas Assurance Technology, Santa and his enterprise will be able to:

  • Import naughty and nice data from a multitude of different sources and systems around the world, creating more accurate scores for every girl and boy

  • Set operational rules for toy manufacturing and worldwide gifting logistics, ensuring that all exceptions are detected, and alarms triggered in time to avoid fatal errors

  • Empower the Elves with actionable analytics that drill down to each child request – automatically guaranteeing factory production is aligned with letter to Santa data

  • Avoid Christmas present returns by checking twice that all gifts are beautifully wrapped and addressed to the right child, following all compliance and quality guidelines

  • Monitor performance and productivity, so Elves and remote-working associate team members are fairly awarded with the right amount of candy treats and vacation time

  • Optimize reindeer routes with analysis of sled velocity, weather conditions, and flight times worldwide

  • Create a plan to improve holiday KPIs with visibility into Christmas operations, enabling the adoption of smarter strategies and data-driven decisions

Effy is honored to help Santa increase children’s happiness and enhance the Christmas experience.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!


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